Hey guys!!!!! Thank you soooo much for supporting me!!!!!!

A couple minor things-the beginning of this video is a video of a video because i tried to make the vid on my phone but couldnt upload it on to youtube…also i say that I am “going” to upload a preview of my original single “Shy” but i decided to just include it in THIS video!!! I hope you guys like my music, i worked SO hard! PLEASE SHARE!
Here are the links to buy my music!…… -iTunes for my single “Shy”!… -Amazonmp3 for “Shy”… -iTunes for my album “Change”… -Amazonmp3 for my album “Change”

Also available on spotify, google play, etc…

There are 4 song previews in this video…
In the Air Tonight
Send in the Clowns

Special thanks to Dave Eggar, Dina Fanai, Jason Davis, Chloe Lowery, etc…!